Achievements Of BAMCEF

  • During Kanshiramji’s time network of BAMCEF was in 13 states and 140 districts. At present nationwide geographical network of BAMCEF has reached up to 31 states out of total 36 states, 539 districts, 3700tehsils and over 1 lakh villages.
  • Out of 6000 castes people of 3700 castes are working together as activists. While disparater incite using hatred against Muslims we are creating a feeling of brotherhood among SC, ST, OBC and Muslims at national level. There is nobody among SC, ST and OBC ready to fight against Muslims where our influence is.
  • Cores of rupees have been spent on this.
  • Agitations have been held throughout the country in order to release 52 thousand innocent Muslims.
  • There are 1000 full-time workers (pracharak) on whom Rs. 4 crore is spent annually.
  • There are 77 offices throughout the India.
  • Daily papers, weeklies, fortnightlies, monthlies, etc. are published in 11 languages from our own press.
  • Literature of about 1core goes to the society annually.
  • There are 5 lakh activists throughout the country.